Desk Team Small Business
Start-up Scheme

We are serious about
supporting small businesses.

That’s why we set up the Desk Team Small Business Start-up Scheme in 2018 to help new businesses establish themselves and join our community.

What does the
scheme involve?

Our scheme helps new businesses during their first year of trading, allowing them to benefit from our expertise and support by welcoming them into our offices. This initial period can be a particularly difficult time for new business owners – we believe in being there at the beginning of their journey to advise on and help nurture their business goals.

How does the
scheme work?

The scheme is funded by money that we raise by selling tickets at the events we host throughout the year. These proceeds, together with Desk Team’s own funds, allow us to offer some help to businesses and to purchase equipment for them that can be used here in our offices.

Who have
we helped?

Some of the companies that have benefitted from the scheme include Breeze Promo and Clear View Window Cleaning. As part of our professional support, we welcomed them into our community, helping them to network with other businesses and find potential clients. This ensured that they were able to form connections that could support them beyond the scheme. We also took full advantage of the opportunity to support both businesses directly by using their services.

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